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Where do I go?

Your best bet would be to look over the policies first to get a good idea of how the wiki works. It is also recommended to drop by chat and introduce yourself to the community and ask questions unanswered by our policies there. 

Story and Setting

The story is set during the Old Republic era, just after the events of Star Wars: The Old Republic: Knights of the Fallen Empire and before the events of Darth Bane: Path of Destruction.

It is set 2000 years before the films, though we prefer not to use the 'BBY' dating system here. Rather, we have our own 'calendar' system we like to use. We measure the years in relative to the Fall of the Republic (BFR/AFR), which is when Corona Gema fell. Thus, we are currently in the year 5 AFR (After the Fall of the Republic).

A fully explain timeline can be found here.


Obviously, the RP storyline that takes place here is non-canon in the Star Wars timeline and is not recognized by Disney nor Lucasfilm.

As far as canoncity goes, we prefer not to address Legends material as it is not extremely relevant in our adaption, but we do recognize it until it is overwritten by the Disney Canon. 

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