Darth Viska

Name: Darth Viska

Alias: The Grand Inquisitor

Starting World: Moraband

Age: 20-35

Gender: Female

Species: Zabrak

Allegiance: Sith Empire

Profession: Inquisitor

Rank: Sith Hand

Homeworld: Dathomir

Force-sensitive: Yes

Alignment: Dark Side of the Force

Weapon: Lightsaber

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History: Viska was born on Dathomir to a tribe of Zabrak who settled there years earlier. As such, she was naturally in tune with the Dark Side from birth and given the planet is located far from civilized space, she found she escaped indoctrination from the Jedi Knights. After the Sith conquered her world, she joined their ranks and soon caught the eye of Darth Ruin, who eventually made the young, but talented woman a member of the Sith Hands, Darth Ruin's lieutenants and awarded her the title of Grand Inquisitor, the leader of those who enforce the Sith emperor's law.

Predetermined Level: Padawan