Master of the Sith Stalkers

Name: Sicarius

Alias: Master of the Sith Stalkers

Starting World: Moraband

Age: Undetermined

Gender: Male

Species: Ubese Cyborg

Allegiance: Sith Empire

Profession: Assassin

Rank: Sith Hand

Homeworld: Undetermined

Force-sensitive: Yes

Alignment: Dark Side of the Force

Weapon: Lightsaber

Appearance: Lord Starkiller

Personality: How does your character behave? What are his values, likes, and dislikes? Does (s)he have any special quirks?

History: The backstory of the Master of the Sith Stalkers is shrouded in mystery. It is believed that the man behind the mask was once a proud assassin talented with a vibrosword who, whether willingly or forcefully, submitted to cybernetic changes over most of his body.

Predetermined Level: Knight