Ephas Leroun

Name: Ephas Leroun

Alias: Darth Troyer

Starting World: Moraband

Age: 25 - 30

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Allegiance: Sith Empire

Profession: Warrior

Rank: Sith Hand

Homeworld: Undetermined

Force-sensitive: Yes

Alignment: Dark Side of the Force

Weapon: Lightsaber

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History: Ephas Leroun was a Jedi padawan to Darth Ruin, then Master Phanius. Leroun followed Master Phanius into his exile and was one of the few to see the Dark Lord's true nature as he turned. Leroun became Ruin's secret weapon as the Dark Lord trained him away from the prying eyes of his other followers, and he was first unleashed on Tython, where he proved himself as a capable weapon of the Sith and Ruin's prime enforcer, replacing the older and more venerable Darth Bellicus, who until that point had served as Ruin's right hand and favored general. 

Predetermined Level: Knight