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Weirdo Guy
• 3/27/2016

Haydn Loss

Name: Haydn Loss

Alias: Orrin

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Species: Human

Allegiance: The Jedi Order

Profession: Jedi Knight xD

Rank: Grand Master

Homeworld: Carlac

Force-sensitive: yup!

Weapon: twin lightsabers

Appearance: Oh Sehun ((I can't upload photos, because my phone's being ridiculous xD))

Personality: Haydn is a very quiet, yet polite man who is known to follow the rules given to him, unless they conflict with his moral code. A natural leader, he's known been known to be able to band even enemies together with either words, but force if necessary. He generally doesn't like to have to force people to work together, though if need be he will. Haydn is the type of person to have a mild temper, but if push come to shove he's one to explode; only with words though. He's generally a very patient man, considering it took 12 years to complete his training. Through trial and tribulations Haydn had become a man of many words & opinions and will not stay neutral on a conflict that involves a war or massacres.


Haydn had been born to a very poor family on the icy planet of Carlac. Though this family was poor they never once faltered to provide for their son, and give him a loving home. His family was amongst the oldest family on the planet, and many of Haydn’s ancestors had been known to show some signs of force sensitivity. Though that was supposed to have been a very long time ago.

By the age of 5 Haydn had heard many stories of these warriors known as Jedi Knights. He always told people that he was going to be a Jedi, and they would laugh at him. Considering that he hadn't shown any signs of force sensitivity. Though that would later prove to be incorrect. Not even a year later and the people of Carlac were preparing for one of their many celebrations. No one knew it at the time, but the leader of the order would be coming, but not for a celebration.

The Grandmaster was there regarding a certain incident with two padawans. They had thought it was rather funny to take a hold of a government sanctioned craft out for a joy ride. Those two were arrested for what they'd done, and one do the leaders of Carlac had refused upon setting them free unless he spoke with the grandmaster beforehand. After a few weeks of refusals and denied negotiations he'd decided upon going.

Here he was walking near the palace gates, when he felt a slight tugging sensation. At that moment Haydn ran past the older man in a haste to deliver something, and that's when the other knew the boy was attuned to the force. Though how much so was unknown, but that child, he wanted, needed to be trained.

Haydn delivered the package to a set of court guards not paying much attention as he left. Not once noticing the older man as he ran back outside. Haydn seemed to always be in a hurry, and yes he was only 5 and delivering packages, but that was practically the norm considering everyone knew one another.

Later that night the Grand Master came by the house and spoke to his parents. They were in complete and utter shock to even hear that their son could even be apart of the Jedi order. They were completely against it at first, but as the conversation progressed they agreed. The next day Haydn was taken with the grandmaster to begin his training.

He spent his first 2 years in training on the ways of manipulating the force, but only to be used in the light not the dark. By that they meant not to use the force to do bad deeds like manipulating people out of money or using it to hurt someone. Haydn had been taught, by his parents, that those were terrible things to do to begin with therefore he never once hurt someone unless he had to.

1 year later, age 8, and a war broke out; Haydn, being so young not even a Padawan yet, had absolutely no say in the matter. He watched from the sidelines as the order split itself down the middle. Those who opposed the war and those who were for it. As the war trudged on some Jedi decided to go off and fight; much to the dissatisfaction of the Grand Master, those would later be known as the fallen 50.

2 years later and the war came to a close, and the Jedi, and the radical Jedi, were banished from the order. 50 Jedi in total, the fallen 50 they were called. All left peacefully, or some would of assumed. Haydn continued on with his studies, sometimes even getting visits from the Jedi who brought him to the temple; the Grand Master. Haydn and the older man struck up a sort of friendship. occasionally having tea and such together, though that seemed to happen less & less as time went on.

2 more years, age 12, went by; Haydn's training continued finally he was taken on as a padawan. Though it wasn't an ordinary Jedi Knight, but the Grand Master himself. People were astonished when he took on one himself, as he hadn't had one in quite a long time. Haydn did learn quite a lot from him, mostly things that consisted of both the political side and the battle side of being a knight. He also obtained the weapons, twin lightsabers, that came along with being a padawan. People had thought the man mad taking on both at the same time.

5 more years went by, age 15, and he was finally able to complete his training. That day was a great day as he spent 12 years, over half his life training, anticipating the day it would happen. Now here he was finally being knighted along with a few others. That year things started to become darker as another war broke out.

Haydn had spoken with the Grand Master many times about the war. He always spoke the same words: To remain neutral in times of turmoil would eventually bring balance, though those words would prove wrong.

In about 3 years, age 20, the war had been won by Darth Ruin’s forces. Even Haydn could see why, and he blamed his comrades for the unbecoming of the republic. He didn't turn to the dark side not even once. Not even on the day that would tear the Jedi apart from it's seems.

A few months later and Haydn had been given a mission to go on, and that day, as he left, Darth Ruins forces descended upon the the planet. A week later and Haydn came back to the Jedi temple, the planet was completely destroyed. Bodies everywhere, people he'd known where dead. The sight was absolutely horrifying, considering it had looked fine a week before. He searched and searched the temple & surrounding areas for anyone alive, but nothing; only more bodies.

After he searched he ran as fast as he could, hoping that the Grand Master was at least okay, but that didn't seem to be the case. He found the bold man bloodied and lifeless, but there was something in his hands with his name on it. That didn't make much sense, but how had he been able to write something before he died? The answer was he shouldn't of been able to. He took the letter out of his hands and fled back to his home world of Carlac.

He stays there gathering intelligence from people who passed through Carlac. He did this for 4 hers until he decided it was finally time to say avenge his fallen comrades and take up arms against Darth Ruin.

He spent one year traveling until he found a small band of padawans. He recognized only one of them, but he knew that others were force sensitive, but some were too young to actually be padawans. After that he decided to train them in secret, as the new grand master, as he was hoping one day to end the reign of Darth Ruin.

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Weirdo Guy
• 4/5/2016

I do like this history. There are some grammatical errors I'd like you to look over and fix, but those can be easily fixed. 

As for his personality, though it is kind of contradictory at first, it made more sense as I analyzed it. I'm not expecting 100% perfection or exactness, as you usually don't really know how your character will be until you start playing them, and a good character is always changing. 


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